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AGV & AMR automation solutions

IMR Systems will change your business!

Our range Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) allows you to automate your processes in a flexible and much more efficient manner.

IMR Systems is the official integrator of Fetch Robotics Inc. for Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany.



Wire guided AGV’s appeared in the early ’60’s in the automotive industry.

The introduction in the ’80’s of laser navigation allowed AGV applications in a much wider field. Nowadays one can find AGV’s with limited payloads in f.e hospitals up to the aviation industry to transport 65T airplane bodies.

However especially large AGV fleets often behave very clumsy and their performance is reduced by the actual environment in which they operate. The coexistence of AGVs with pedestrians or other vehicles often causes issues.

Around 2000 researchers approached the problem differently and AMR’s were born.

AMRs don’t have a fixed guide path like AGVs but move completely free in the available 2D space. They move around objects or persons that block their path and always find the fastest route to their destination. Via sensor fusion they map the environment in real time and localise their position accurately without the need to install infrastructure.

That’s why AMRs are both Faster and Smarter.



We are proud to present to you the “Meerkat”, our automated AGV forklift system. Featuring: an attractive compact design, a lift capacity of up to 1.5 tons and a lifting height of up to 3 m.

IMR Systems stands for affordable AGV solutions tailored to SMEs. Are you interested to receive further information on the Meerkat or another type of AGV? Don’t hesitate to contact us for professional advice.


At your service

At the start of each project we setup a project team which has the know-how to deliver projects that exceed your expectations. An experienced PM will be appointed who will be your single point of contact (SPOC) for the entire duration of the project. The PM translates your needs into a technical specification for the project team. Each job follows our proven project execution methodology with all necessary intermediate validation steps.

In our demo center in Wilrijk (Antwerp) a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) will be conducted. This allows us to validate each application 100% and tune the requirements wherever needed.

After the short installation phase, a Site Acceptance Test (SAT) will prove the specification under the actual conditions of operation.

Once the iMR System goes in production, our Service department comes into play. A dedicated team of trained service engineers is at your service 24/24, 365 days per year.

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Voka "Open Company Day", a straight success

FT Group, in collaboration with VOKA, organised an open company day on 2 October 2022. This event was an incredible success with more than 500 interested visitors.

This day gave visitors the opportunity to get to know our company, our products and the industry in general.

We are extremely grateful for the enthusiastic audience we received.